1936-1948 HR Drinkster Hot Rod Floor Console

Floor Mounted Pre-1948 Hot Rod Drink Holder!

Product Description

The HR Drinkster is a universal fitting Hot Rod floor console designed to fit the floor area in 1936-1948 cars and pickup trucks.

Two versions are available, one for vehicles with a Floor Shifter and another for Non-Floor Shifters. Both versions have two of our biggest drink holders and an open top 5″ x 5″ storage area conveniently sized to accommodate items such as sunglasses, pens, cell phone or even a tissue box.

The Floor Shifter console, HR-Drinkster-SB,  comes with a built-in shifter boot that slides over and down the gear shifter providing a clean seamless look.

The Non-Floor Shifter console, HR-Drinkster-CN, comes with a 3.5″ round brushed metal bottom coin holder which works great for throwing your keys and spare change in.

Both HR Drinkster consoles work with flat floor vehicles or vehicles with transmission tunnels and are upholstered on the bottom in “non-slip” material.  In addition, they have a moldable non-slip plate attached to the bottom of the console where you can customize the shape to fit the exact contour of your floorboard or transmission tunnel.

HR Drinkster Installation

Installation is fast and easy NO PERMANENT alterations or tools needed. Slip the Shifter Boot over the shifter and slide down to the floorboard. For flat floor installations, simply unscrew the adjustable panels on the bottom of the console OR completely flatten them, depending upon your preference and place the console on the floor.

For contoured floors or floors with a transmission tunnel simply bend and shape the bottom panels of the console to customize the fit around the tunnel**.

NOTE: **We recommend warming up the bottom panels in the sun for a few minutes prior to shaping.


Two options are available. Choose to have a coin holder or shifter boot. Coin holder version is for “non-floor shift” vehicles designed with a column shifter. The shifter boot style works great with your floor shifter. Indicate on your order which version you want.

Part number ending with “CN” is for Non-Shifter” and part number ending with “SB” is for “Shifter” version.

What’s Included

  • Two Large Drink Holders
  • 5″ x 5″ Open Storage Compartment
  • Shifter Boot OR Coin Holder
  • Moldable Bottom Plates

Product Specifications:

Dimensions (both versions):
11″ Wide at the drink holders
5″ Wide at shifter boot or coin tray
17″ Length overall
4″ Height at drink holders
1.25″ Height at shifter boot or coin tray

Fits Model Years: 1936, 1937, 1938, 1939, 1940, 1941, 1942, 1943, 1944, 1945, 1946, 1947 & 1948.

Models: Ford, GM & Chrysler cars or trucks with bench seats

Part Numbers:
HR-Drinkster-CN-Color Code (coin holder)
HR-Drinkster-SB-Color Code (shifter boot)

Color Options:

With our large selection of in-stock automotive grade vinyl, you are sure to find the right color and grain to match your classic vehicle. Two-tone color option is available too.

Wait a minute you say, you already have a custom interior color installed in your vehicle? No problem, we can use your specific material to cover any of our console designs to ensure a perfect match. In most cases, we’ll only need for you to ship us one yard of material.