Low Rider Floor Console

Fits on Transmission Hump in Front of Bench Seat!

Product Description:

The Low Rider is a universal floor console designed to fit over the transmission tunnel, in front of a bench seat.  Common applications are larger ’50s ’60s & ’70s cars with column shifter from GM, Ford, and Chrysler.

The Low Rider comes complete with two of our largest drink holders, capable of holding the biggest of the big convenience store sodas, a large storage compartment with lid,  and a convenient quick access storage pouch for things like sunglasses, pens, cell phones, map, etc.

This console works best in vehicles with visible transmission tunnels inside the vehicle and is upholstered on the bottom in “non-slip” material.  In addition, it has a moldable non-slip plate attached to the bottom of the console where you can customize the shape to fit the exact contour of your floorboard or transmission tunnel.

Low Rider Installation:

NO PERMANENT alterations or tools needed.

The Low Rider console has a unique feature that allows it to fit several different size transmission humps no matter which type of car you drive. Underneath the “Low-Rider console” are two aluminum coated plates that are curved to accommodate narrow transmission humps on some of the ’60s GM and Ford cars. These aluminum coated plates can be easily adjusted (bent) to conform to just about any automobile transmission hump.

NOTE: **We recommend warming up the bottom panels in the sun for a few minutes prior to shaping.

What’s Included

  • Two Large Drink Holders
  • Large Storage Compartment w/ Lid
  • Storage Pouch
  • Moldable Bottom Plates

Product Specifications:

11″ Wide at the drink holders
8″ Wide at the storage area
17″ Length overall
6.5″ Height at drink holders
4.75″ Height at the back end

Part Number: Low-Rider-(color code)

Color Options:

With our large selection of in-stock automotive grade vinyl, you are sure to find the right color and grain to match your classic vehicle. Two-tone color option is available too.

Wait a minute you say, you already have a custom interior color installed in your vehicle? No problem, we can use your specific material to cover any of our console designs to ensure a perfect match. In most cases, we’ll only need for you to ship us one yard of material.