Chevrolet Camaro & Pontiac Firebird HumpHugger Console 1967-1981


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Camaro & Firebird HumpHugger Console

The HumpHugger, as the name states, fits between the factory bucket seats and securely rests on the transmission tunnel (the “Hump”) using a velcro bottom for additional stability. It’s packed with quality features that will bring a whole new dimension to your cruising life. Standard features include a padded armrest ergonomically positioned to support the driver’s arm for maximum comfort, an under-lid storage compartment, one medium drink holder and one large drink holder (the large is upgradable to our new Mega drink holder).

One important note, this console will NOT work if you have a factory (OE) console already installed. If this is the case then you will need our Saddle console which has the same features but is designed to go over the factory console. Click the specific vehicle links below to see the Saddle version.

Chevrolet Camaro 1967 Saddle Console
Chevrolet Camaro 1968-1969 Saddle Console
Pontiac Firebird 1967-1969 Saddle Console


Hand Built in the United States

Ford HumpHugger Console



WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including, Diisononyl Phthalate (DINP), which is known to the state of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to


Camaro & Firebird HumpHugger Console

Part Numbers:

    • GMCAMHH6781

What’s Included 

    • One Large Drink Holder (upgradable to Mega size)
    • One Medium Drin Holder
    • Padded Armrest – Also a Hinged Lid for Storage Compartment
    • Storage Compartment, Under Armrest
    • Map/Document Sleeve, Underside of Lid

Dimensions (both versions):

    • 8-1/2” Wide at the drink holders
    • 7-7/8” Wide at storage box & shifter boot or coin tray
    • 6-1/4″ Wide in storage area
    • 20-1/2” Length overall
    • 10-3/4″ Length of storage area
    • 3-3/4” Height at drink holders (w/ adjustable plates flat)
    • 10-1/2” Height at shifter boot or coin tray (shifter boot 5.50″ high)
    • 5-1/2″ Height of storage area

Vehicle Guide

Camaro & Firebird Saddle Console

Part Number: GMCAMHH6781

    • Chevrolet Camaro, 1967-1981
    • Pontiac Firebird, 1967-1981


Ford HumpHugger Console

Very simple installation and removal, no permanent changes to the car’s interior and no tools required. HumpHugger consoles fit securely over the carpeted transmission tunnel (the Hump) between factory bucket seats, using its velcro bottom to attach and hold itself in place.

Note: If you have a factory (OE) console then this HumpHugger console will NOT work. You will need to purchase our Saddle console which is designed to fit over the factory console. Click the specific vehicle links below to see the Saddle version.

Chevrolet Camaro 1967 Saddle Console
Chevrolet Camaro 1968-1969 Saddle Console
Pontiac Firebird 1967-1969 Saddle Console

Vinyl Color Options


Color Options from Classic Consoles

With our large selection of in-stock automotive grade vinyl, you are sure to find the right color and grain to match your vehicle. We can even use your own material to cover any console design, no extra cost to you. In most cases, we’ll only need one yard of material to fully cover most console designs. Optional two-tone colors are available for most console designs whether you are choosing from our vinyl selection or providing your own material.

In addition to the standard color options, we offer a host of premium vinyl colors which are available for an additional cost of $16.00 per console. These colors are limited and unique to certain vehicle models and years. The additional cost is due to their random availability and the premium cost to obtain from suppliers. If these vinyl options are listed on the product page  colors then they are currently available for your console.

Vinyl Samples are available to make it easier to pick the right color or grain. We’ll ship the sample at no cost, directly to you.

Email us at [email protected] to request sample vinyl swatches, ordering two-tone color options or using your own upholstery material.



Dual Drink Holder Options


The drink holders in our consoles are made from durable, long-lasting polymers that will provide many, many years of functionality while retaining the striking appearance you expect from Classic Consoles. All drink holders come standard with a black finish around the top rim.  The top rim is the area of the drink holder predominately seen when the console is installed in your vehicle so we offer you the option of four additional distinct colors & finishes to customize your console or match the existing trim package of your vehicle’s interior.

HumpHugger and Saddle Consoles have two different drink holder sizes, one medium and one large. The large drink holder is upgradable to our new Mega size drink holder (you can read the difference between the Large and Mega). The medium is not upgradeable to a larger drink holder due to the size limitation of the console.

Medium Drink Holder – Our medium-sized drink holder that is included with this console will accommodate 12 oz. soda cans and most smaller plastic water bottles. The interior diameter is just over 2 3/4 inches with a depth of just over 3 inches.

Large Drink Holder – Our Large-sized drink holder included with this console accommodates virtually all types of soda & energy drink cans, most plastic water bottles, and larger coffee cups.  The bottom half of our large drink holder has a unique step down shape to allow smaller drink containers a secure hold while the upper half is large enough to hold bigger beverages with larger diameters.

Mega Drink Holder – You also have an option to upgrade the Large Drink Holder in this console to our brand new Mega Drink Holder. The Mega Drink holder is specifically designed to hold large, insulated beverage containers by maintaining a wide internal diameter from top to bottom and does not “step down” like the Large Drink Holder. We built the Mega Drink Holder as a special request from many of our great customers who wanted a better fitting drink holder for their large insulated mugs, like many of the Yeti styles.

Medium Drink Holder Dimensions:

  • 2 3/4 inch interior diameter, from top to bottom (2.720″ to be exact)
  • 3 inch interior depth

Large Drink Holder Dimensions

  • 3 5/8 inch upper interior diameter (3.691″ to be exact)
  • 2 13/16 inch lower interior diameter
  • 3 1/4″ inch interior depth

Mega Drink Holder Dimensions

  • 3 5/8 inch interior diameter, from top to bottom (3.667″ to be exact)
  • 3 3/8 inch interior depth

Rim Color Options:

  • Black
  • Chrome
  • Pewter
  • Matte Silver
  • Camouflage
Rim Color Options, Right to Left, Top Row – Chrome, Matte Silver Bottom Row: Pewter, Camo & Black